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We have a deal:

One Page Flat Rate - $175.00

For those who are either new to the web or are not ready to spend the high end bucks we have an alternative. We can assign you a name on our other domain "". It is a great way to start out on the internet and test the waters. An example of the name we would assign to you would be something like "" Of course you select the name.
This offer is for one page and one page only, you pretty much can put as much as you like on it up to 100,000 bytes (allot of space for a page).
Here is what you get

  • your own web address (
  • *as much pictures and text as you like up to 100,000 bytes (excluding audio and video).
  • professional look (we design company sites, we'll take the pride in making yours)
  • payment covers 1 year of web space and light changes to your web page.
  • counter - monitor how the traffic to your site.
  • search engines - we'll submit your site to yahoo, excite, info seek, Lycos and hotbot.

    *We don't like to type allot of text, so if you think you'll have a plethora of text, then it would be have to handed to us on a disc or e-mailed to us. We'll scan your pictures also.


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