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Aero Web Group:

So many people are turning to the web that it's becoming a highly used and important medium, not one to be overlooked. You may have thought of having an Internet Presence, a web site, but your not sure what type of features you would like on it. Well, we listed some popular ones for you to read through them and get an idea for your own.

This list consists of mostly the add ons, by add ons we mean besides the usual features such as links, pictures, cool graphics...

Mailing List

Keep your visitors informed of new updates, special events and news by having them subscribe to your mailing list when they arrive at your site. You will be able to send out a mass e-mail with one touch of a button. Easy and Practical.

Shopping Cart

You can now sell your products and services online when your web site is equipped with shopping cart capabilities. This can connect to a secure transaction page for safe buying. This feature comes with an Administration Interface so you will be able to make price and description changes from any computer. You can even add, edit and delete products.

Audio & Video

You can now have multimedia on your web site. Change over your videos to play on the web, and listen to sound clips. Live feeds are also available.

Photo Gallery

Your visitors will be able to view thumbnail pictures, and when clicked will bring them to the enlarged picture.

Database Search

This is great for online schedules, dates, and when dealing with allot of information that has to be sorted. Comes with Administration Interface for adding, editing, and deleting entries.

Banner Ads

For sites with a multitude of traffic, you can now sell advertising space on your site and keep track of your displays, clicks throughs, how many left and percentages. Comes with Administration Interface for keeping track of accounts. Easy to use.

News Bulletins

People will see a list of News Headlines and click on the one they want to read. Can be changed to do many different tasks. Comes with Admin. Interface.

Contact Us Form

A convenient way for your visitors to send you a quick e-mail from your site.

Bulletin Board/Forum

Let your visitors correspond to each other, by leaving reading and posting messages on your site. Great for adding more traffic.


Let your visitors leave their mark on your web site. An copy of each entry gets emailed to you. Fun.


Now people can send an electronic postcard to anyone in the world from your web site. Recipient is brought to your web site to view their postcard, great for attracting traffic.


Need to find out specific information about your market? By adding a survey, you can learn a whole lot from your visitors and better decide how to market to them. Very practical and fun.

Java Script and Applets

These cool things can really make your site alive. Usually we add these in when your site is being designed.

These are the most common features, but if your looking for something more, we'll be more than happy to accommodate you.

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