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Get started:

Below we provided a form that we need you to fill out, it's painless. With this information we can start the ball rolling and more accurately help you in creating the best web site for you, as well as provide our ideas and concepts to you.

Also here is where you provide your input and start to see your site take shape. Once submitted, this form is electronically sent to us, we then take the info and put together a proposal for you and/or your company.

Please Select:
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What style of site are you interested in?:
Please describe the type of site you would like designed, and what you would like it to do.:
Please list three web sites that you would like your site to resemble, also these could be your favorite sites.:
How much have you allocated for your new web site, we use this so we can give you an accurate proposal and not to overshoot your budget, and with this info we can work with you, we don't want to turn anyone away.:
Please list three web addresses your interested in, as long as the desired web address is not taken, it's yours. We'll check for you and let you know what's available.:
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