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How much is it?:

After finding out your web site needs, understanding your target audience and the task your web site is supposed to perform, we then take everything into account and calculate a fair proposal for you.

Every web site is different, at least ours are, giving you an exact price is close to impossible. We will have to find out your needs before prices are even discussed. But here is a good rule of thumb, calculate $75.00 per page, this does not include special programming.

For example, a simple site for a small business will probably use approx. 6 pages. This includes the front page, and about five link pages (about us, photos, our services, coming soon and a contact us form). An other example would be a site for a corporation, this would require some extensive designing, corporate flair, cgi and java script programming and time. This would start at approx. $5000.00.


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